2017 Elevation Run/ Walk Photos

This year's Elevation Run/ Walk Photos were taken by Steve Gallup Photography and volunteers. 

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Race Start Photos

Race Start 

5K/ Fun Run


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Race Course Photos

5K/Fun Run


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Race Finish Photos


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Race Awards Photos

5K Awards 

Overall|Under 7| Age 8-12| Age 13-15| Age 16-19| Age 20-29| Age 30-39| Age 40-49| Age 50-59| Age 60-69| Age 70+









Overall| Under 16| Age 26=35| Age 36-45| Age 46-55| Age 56-65| Age 60+





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Other Photos


 Thanks Conifer Physical Therapy for Sponsoring the 2017 5th Annual Elevation Run/Walk

Thanks Rugged Running for being a Sponsor

Thanks Volunteers for helping make this years event a Great Success 

 Awards Photos


 Elevation Celebration

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