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Current Projects


BLEACHER BUCK$ - Donate today. Download the form here. 

CLUB has put a deposit down on Aluminum Bleachers with Green Seat Backs and Green Risers for over 1500 spectators! The materials are being delivered now. It is time to donate so we can get them installed this summer! 

Since 2012 Conifer Lobos Unified Boosters (CLUB) has had the goal of improving the Lobo Athletic Fields. The Lobo Athletic Fields Improvement is a two-phase development that has the goal to bring lights and full amenities to the Lobo athletic fields. The targeted amount to complete this goal is $1.6M. These changes will provide more student athletic programs to have full use of the field and facilities throughout the year. In addition, we believe it will support individual youth athletic programs and the community. Providing such amenities will keep students in the area and will promote the patronization of local businesses and reduce highway miles up and the down the mountain. To learn more about the complete Lobo Athletic Field Improvement click here. If you are interested in helping or seeing the final engineering drawings and specs please email us at:

In 2016, Phase I was completed raising over $500,000 for new stadium lights, team rooms and concession stand down at Lobo Field. All of this was possible thanks to all of the supporters that donated and two large grants that CLUB received from the Daniel’s Fund and Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO). To learn more about Phase I click here.

Fundraising for Bleaches (part of Phase II) has now started. The goal for Phase II includes a press box down at Lobo Field, installing lights at the upper field, and improving the track. If you would like to support CLUB in reaching the goal towards these improvements donations are accepted by clicking here. All donations are tax deductible. CLUB is a 501(c)(3), TAX ID # 20-2336368. 

CLUB also supports smaller improvements. In Fall 2018, CLUB contributed to new batting cages at the baseball fields. 


Photos and videos from phase I are available here


Below is Phase I and Phase II diagrams and a 3-D Rendering of the completed project. Click on any of the images to see a full sized image. 

 Phase I
Phase I
Phase II
3-D Rendering of Completed Project



CLUB is excited to announce that construction for the installation of field lights and team rooms at LOBO FIELD has finished!!!   

Announcement - Field Improvement Project - Conifer High School
Thanks to the generous contributions of the Conifer parents, Daniels Fund, and Greater Outdoors Colorado (GOCO), we are almost finished with the improvements to Lobo Field at Conifer High School. Himmelman Construction has coordinated the various improvements, which includes field lights, team and officials' shelters, replacement running track, fence improvements, path lighting, and electrical work.
A significant milestone will occur this Monday, August 3rd at sunset, when we “light the lights” for the first time. We also want to let our neighbors of Conifer High School know that the manufacturer requires the lights to remain lit for 100 hours in order for the lights to reach their proper color temperature.
We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.We are extremely excited about the field improvements and the opportunity to have evening games.
Wesley Paxton
Principal- Conifer High School - Home of the Lobos

THE SECRET IS OUT AND the Conifer Community is the WINNER!

CLUB is very pleased to announce that Conifer High School (CHS) is a recipient of a Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) grant for $280,000! 

Thank you to all our supporters and for the 51 letters of community support we received. 

2nd ANNUAL WILD GAME POTLUCK DINNER was a HUGE SUCCESSIt was Saturday, April 4th, 2015, at the Evergreen Lakehouse and we packed the place. $10,000 was raised and there were lots of amazing raffle and silent action items of a hunting, fishing, camping and outdoor nature.

2015 Elevation 5K was held on Saturday July 25, 2015.  More info can be found on our 5K TAB and 2015 Elevation 5K race times can be found here.

CLUB (Conifer Lobos Unified Boosters) is an organization that seeks to make improvements to CHS (Conifer High School) and its grounds in order to enhance both the school and the surrounding community.

CLUB exercises for the good of all Conifer HS athletics, clubs, electives and the school itself.  It focuses on establishing and maintaining a first-class athletic program as well as facilities for use by clubs, the marching band and the school (for graduation, etc.). Fundraising focuses on capital-improvements & support for athletes as well as students in clubs and the marching band. CLUB is a 501(c)(3), TAX ID # 20-2336368. The CLUB has been classified as a Public Charity under section 501 (c) (3) and a Nonprofit Corporation under Colorado law. Contributions to our club are deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Your contribution, along with others, will help our after-school activities by providing funds for capital-improvements. 

We have already raised over $500,000 for Phase 1. Construction for the stadium lights, shelter/team rooms, and concession/ticketing upgrades will begin this spring thanks to all our supporter and 2 large grants CLUB has received from the Daniel's Fund and Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO)! All donations are tax deductible. CLUB is a 501(c)(3), TAX ID # 20-2336368.