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Welcome to the Conifer Lobos Unified Boosters (CLUB) Site. CLUB is a non profit organization in Conifer, CO. CLUB Supports All Conifer High School Athletics Programs!!!
CLUB is Excited to Announce The Bleachers are FINISHED
CLUB is excited to announce that the Bleacher Buck$ fundraiser is over and raised over. The project raised over $90,000 and had over 200 community volunteers come out to help build the bleachers.
July 30, 2020 10th Annual Elevation Run/Walk
The Elevation Run/Walk is Celebrating its 10th Annual Race. This is a great community event with a race for every level of runner. It's a great event for runners to families.

This year's event will feature the 10K race, USATF Certified 5K Race, and 2 Mile Fun Run.
October 20, 2022 Annual Great Outdoors Event
The 9th Annual Great Outdoors Event is on October 20th. more information will come available as the event approaches.

The 8th annual event was a great event that raised over $16,000 and has over 120 bidders.
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Welcome to
Conifer Lobos Unified Boosters (CLUB)

The Conifer Lobos Unified Boosters Club (CLUB) is a 501(C)3 non profit organization that supports Conifer High School in Conifer, CO. Their mission is to work for the good of all sports, focused on establishing and maintaining a first-class athletic program. CLUB was Founded in 2007.

Each year CLUB hosts two big fundraising events,  The Elevation Run/ Walk (Summer) and The Great Outdoors Event (Fall).  

CLUB’s Contributing Areas  ~School~

CLUB’s Contributing Areas  ~Community~

Samantha Prince
Vice President

Sheri Pinsonneault
Vice President

CLUB Larry Lobo
Meet Our CLUB

The CLUB Board is made up of 9 members from the Conifer community. They all are dedicated to improving the athletic facilities and programs at Conifer High School. 

Donate to CLUB TODAY

Support CLUB’s work to help provide athletic improvements at Conifer High School. 

Purchase a Bleacher Seat

$500 Per Seat

Support CLUB’s work to help provide athletic improvements at Conifer High School. 

All seats purchased by April 1st will be placed on the seats by graduation.

Elevation Run/Walk

July 30, 2022

The Elevation Run/ Walk is Celebrating its 10th Anniversary on July 30th, 2022.  

This years event will feature a 10K Timed Race, USATF Certified 5K Timed Race, and 2 Mile Fun Run. 

Time has flown by and we are now celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Elevation Run/Walk. This has been a great fundraiser through the years for CLUB and CAC- Trails Team. We are excited to celebrate this milestone with everyone and continue hosting this great event for the future years. 

Race Registration will open on February 1st, 2022.

Visit the Elevation Run/Walk Website to learn more about the Annual Fundraising Event. 

Contact CLUB for more information at: conifer.club@gmail.com

CLUB Larry Lobo
News & Announcements

The Great Outdoors

October, 2022

The 2022 Great Outdoors Event is coming back this year in October, 2022.

The night features a silent auction, raffle, and live auction. The event is hosted at the Woodlands Event Center this year and will include online and in person bidding options. 

More information to come as soon as its available. 

Over the years of this fundraiser CLUB has raised over $100,000. Last year the fundraiser raised over $15,500. All proceeds have gone towards CLUB’s efforts on improving the CHS athletic facilities. 

Contact CLUB for more information at: conifer.club@gmail.com


August 2021
Every Thursday- Sunday (9am- 3 pm)

CLUB is looking for still looking for volunteers to come and help complete building the bleachers. We have a ton of help for the past month and are close to the end but we still have the to put all the bleacher components  together. Any and all helps is appreciated  

Contact CLUB for more information a

The New Bleachers Are Finished

September 1, 2021

On September 1st, CLUB passed the State inspection to allow fans to occupy the new 1500 seat stadium at the main athletic field. The bleachers were community built with over 200 community volunteers and students. Over $90,000 were raised for this project. Fans of the boy’s soccer team was the first to use the stands on September 2nd, 2021 and the first football game in the new stands was on September 3rd, 2021. We are excited to have future Lobo games in these new stands!!!

This is the first high school stadium in Jefferson County. 

Pampered Chef Fundraiser

March 2021 (Ended)

CLUB would like to Thank Pampered Chef Representative Dawn Avery. Pampered Chef and CLUB held a Pampered Chef Fundraiser during the month of March. 25% of all sales and $3 of any PC parties booked was donated to CLUB. A total of $258 was raised. All donations went towards the CHS Bleacher Buck$. All host benefits & commission was donated by Pampered Chef Representative Dawn Avery.  

CLUB Larry Lobo
Take a Look at CLUB's
Upcoming Events & Major Fundraisers

July 30th, 2022

Elevation Run/Walk

The Elevation Run/Walk is hosted by Jeanie Boymel’s Team at Altitude Financial Partners.

This year’s event feature a

  • 10K Race
  • 5K Race
  • Fun Run

All in person events will be held according to COVID- 19 CDC guidelines.

Adult Registration Starting At


October, 2022

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors Fundraising event is coming back in October at The Woodlands. 

More details will be available in August 2022

This year’s event feature a

  • Silent Auction
  • Raffle 
  • Live Auction
  • Virtual Bidding
  • Food & Drink 

Event Entry 


Conifer High School 

Advertising Signs

Reach the Conifer community with an advertising sign leading up to Conifer High School

CLUB is a 501(C)3 non profit organization, tax ID# 20-2336368


  • Year Long Contracts
  • Annual Renewal Options
  • 501(c)3 Charity Tax Deduction

Annual Renewal Dates

February 1st | September 1st

Annual Contract 


Projects & Fundraisers

In 2015 CLUB Funded the Purchase and Installation of Stadium Lights

Summer Fundraiser

Fall Fundraiser

Team Rooms and Concession Stand Completed 2015

The Bleachers Were Completed in 2021

Conifer High School Main Athletic Field
Stadium Lights
In 2015 CLUB Raised over $500,000 dollars to purchase and install Stadium lights, team rooms, and a concession stand at the schools main athletic field
CLUB Larry Lobo
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