Past Projects

Conifer Lobos Unified Boosters
Past Projects

On September 2, 2021 CLUB completed the Bleacher Buck$ Fundraiser. It was a 2 month volunteer building project that involved building two retaining walls and building a 1500 seat stadium. 

In 2017 CLUB completed the first phase of the Conifer High School (CHS) Field . This phase included installing team rooms, installing field lights, and building a concession stand at the main athletic field.

Conifer High School Field Improvements

Conifer High School Main Athletic Field
In 2021 CLUB, the Conifer Community, and Conifer High School Students worked hard to build two retaining walls and a 1500 seat stadium. This is the first stadium at a Jefferson County Public School!

Great Job Conifer!!!
CLUB Larry Lobo
CHS Stadium Bleachers

The bleachers were a part of CLUB’s Master Plan for Field Improvements at CHS.

These bleachers were funded through donations by CLUB supporters and Conifer High School supporters. 

The bleachers were built by the Conifer Community and Conifer High School Students. The building started on July 8th, 2021 and finished on September 2nd, 2021. 

This project was not possible without the help of EV Studios, Bear Excavation, Himmelman Construction, and Kumar & Associates. 

Conifer High School Main Athletic Field
Stadium Lights
In 2015 CLUB Raised over $500,000 dollars to purchase and install Stadium lights, team rooms, and a concession stand at the schools main field

Thank You to Our Light Sponsors

CLUB Larry Lobo
CHS Lights, Team Rooms, and Concessions

Phase I of CLUB’s Field Improvements was funded through donations by CLUB supporters, Conifer High School supporters, and grants. 

In 2013 CLUB was awarded $50,000 matching the Daniel’s Fund Grant. In 2014 CLUB received a $280,000 GoCo Fund Grant.

Himmelman Construction was the project general contractor. 

Field Improvements